Our Story

Our Mission and Purpose

Human behavior is the cause of global warming.
Changing human activity can be the solution.

Simple, practical changes in our homes, businesses and daily lives go a long way toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to protect our planet. Many of those changes also save us money and make our communities comfortable and healthier places to live and work.

So why does simple, practical change seem so hard? Most of us lead busy lives and few of us have the technical knowledge to understand which changes in our behavior can lead to the biggest impact.  And frankly, any kind of major change can be downright daunting.

This is where Ecology Action comes in.

Change Acceleration

Our proven methodology for helping people act now.


At Ecology Action, we use a methodology we developed called Change Acceleration to deliver programs that are tailored to the unique circumstances of individuals and businesses.


Knowing the audience and how to engage them; thinking about the issue from their perspective; understanding how our programs might best align with their interests; and communicating the benefits in a way that resonates for them are all critical elements of this approach.  Everyone wins in this model, from the customers we serve to our partners, our community and our planet.


When you’re focused on the work of driving real change, effectiveness is everything. To make sure our work has maximum impact, we vet each program and initiative against three critical questions: Is there value? Is it easy to adopt? Does it inspire action?


How we answer these questions is significant. Every person comes to the conversation about change with his or her own set of values, level of understanding of the issues, and unique set of motivations. It’s not enough to make people care; real change happens when you leverage the power of inspiration, value and convenience into real action.

Your Change Acceleration Team

Mission-inspired and committed to delivery

Change Acceleration is our unique approach to solving the complicated challenge of behavioral change for our clients – the real innovative thinking, however, comes from our people.  Not only do we employ some of the brightest minds in our industry, but they are also leaders who inspire powerful strategic conversations, collaboratively participate in decision-making, and bring fresh thinking to the disciplines we practice and to the communities we serve. We’ve been successful because each of us believes in our mission and is personally compelled to see our programs thrive. By helping people act now, we trigger a green economy that benefits everyone.

Change Acceleration Has Four Key Phases:

Finding Connections

Knowing who to converse with and how.

Inspiring Participation

Engaging in conversations that matter.

Providing Convenience

Customizing based on what we heard.

Delivering Value

Ensuring the conversation continues by rewarding customers.


The most innovative ideas, the greatest programs, or a superior service succeed only when you market within the context of people’s needs and values.

Stories of Success

We’ve already helped thousands of people across the state take action today. Their success stories inspire others – and they also provide us knowledge of what works. Understanding the context of how people engage with our programs will impact how we evolve the work that we do now and into the future.

Stories of Success

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